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Bango Bowls offers acai and pitaya bowls, poke bowls, salads, warm grain bowls oatmeal bowls, smoothies, cold brew coffees, and more. Treat yourself and taste the difference.

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Backed By Bango

Our way of giving back!

What is "Backed By Bango?"

“Backed By Bango” is our way of providing support and financial assistance to the charities and foundations that mean the most to the very people who have made Bango Bowls what it is today, our staff. The “Backed By Bango” program allows any member of #teambango to submit a charity or cause. Every quarter, our leadership team will review the submissions, will interview the submitting team member to learn about the cause, what it means to them and then choose a cause for Bango to support.

Our first initiative will be including “Round Up” in our sales process at every location. This will give our customers the opportunity to round their change up to the nearest dollar, as a donation. We will then match the donation from our customers. During the quarter we will promote the charities’ fundraising pages via our social media channels and will highlight their work with in store signage. Lastly, we will host a fundraising day at each store and will donate a portion of that day’s sales to the chosen initiative.

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