It began with the dream of making and tasting the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Enter, Bango Bowls; a personalized, mood-boosting, legendary experience. We offer the colorful and healthy opportunity to look, act, and feel like a boss. We keep it real with our layers of undeniable deliciousness to help you keep thriving throughout the day. Simply put, we fuel your soul with our bowl. Bango Bowls is a completely customized experience that curbs your appetite and indulges your addiction. Don’t worry, we’re obsessed too… taste the difference and join #TeamBango.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best tasting, healthy food products in a fast and affordable way

Core Values

Be upfront and honest with ourselves, customers, and employees.

Use nothing but fresh and top-quality ingredients in all of our products.

Deliver a high-quality product in the quickest possible way.

Create a fun and collaborative team environment.